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Lotto Line Builder Lottery Software

Most lottery programs use a process called wheeling in which entries are selected from a limited group of numbers. The LotWin system uses flexible and sophisticated entry selection tools which put control firmly in the hands of the user. These tools are centred on the powerful Lottery Line Builder Engine.

The Lottery Line Builder

LotWin uses filters to specify the characteristics of the entries to be selected. The Line Builder builds a list of entries by examining every one of the possible lottery entries (around 14 million entries for a lotto 6/49, more or less for others) and checking each one against the user's selected filters - all in a matter of seconds.


LotWin offers up to 19 filter categories, each containing a full range of easily accessible filters. Filters can be one of two types: Group filters or Number filters.

Group filters work by grouping lottery numbers in various ways (e.g., into odd and even, or consecutive and non-consecutive numbers). You specify how the numbers selected should be distributed between these groups.

Number filters accept or reject lottery numbers according to their value, by testing whether they belong to a predefined set of numbers.

For example...

Suppose that you want your lottery picks to contain 1 odd and 5 even numbers. In addition you want your entries to include the number 40 and to contain any two consecutive numbers. You also want the difference between the lowest and highest lotto number drawn to be between 16-20. The Line Builder will list the 2,648 lottery entries (for lotto 6/49) which match this specification in under 4 seconds.

The lines created by these filters included the jackpot (£7,137,522) on the 3rd of March 1999 in the UK national lottery. Using the LotWin Optimum Reduction tool to guarantee "3 correct" reduced the 2,648 entries to 3 lines for a win of £10.00 and a "4 correct" reduction produced 17 lines to win £165.00


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